Who we are

Mission and vision

“Abu Auf is built with a vision to change the future of food. Who said healthy cannot be delicious?”

We live, consume and breathe organic

Built on an ongoing commitment to provide 100% organic, ethically and sustainably sourced food, our success is based on sourcing top grade raw materials from around the world. Today, Abu Auf brings more than 400 premium organic products to different parts across the world.

Every time you choose Abu Auf, you choose a healthier future

Abu Auf family serves with a concept: “health is the guiding light.” We want to break the stereotype that “healthy is boring”, by bringing new concepts of snacking to the market; never straying from our uncompromising mission of a healthier future for all.

Our roots go deep, offering premium quality

We continually reinvest in the organic farming industry. Our products are 100% authentic as we don’t use chemical pesticides and herbicides. All our ingredients are of the highest standard, completely natural and suitable for vegetarians (and often vegans too). Starting from the farm to your door, our operation’s team does its best for a smooth and steady supply by working in cooperation with you before and after sale.


Honesty, integrity and commitment are values we hold as key principles

We consistently invest large amounts of capital back into the company so that we can continue to provide premium service, superior quality, professional customer support, and invest in new knowledge and know-how to develop our products and the roasting process. We strive to always stay up to our customers’ expectations

Trust and Loyalty are our weapons for success

Our team has a deep commitment to excellence, and dedication to offering a variety of services. Customer satisfaction is the pillar to our success. Our team makes sure to take every feedback into consideration and works on it to keep constantly building and renovating our brand name, gaining the trust and loyalty deserved from our customers.

We're passionate organic pioneers with a responsibility

Our responsibilities as a company are on our priority list. Part of our responsibilities is to make it our mission to provide quality speciality coffee, nuts and healthy food products with a low environmental impact. From conception to consumption, love and care go into our products and services. We look out for nature, the environment, as well as all the people involved in bringing our products to you.

Our team is family

We create a healthy working environment that pushes every member to excel in their area. We work as a family; innovating, improving and delivering the best quality and service in the market.

Where we stand

We now have more than 190 branches in Egypt. Our products could be found in most of the big supermarkets in Egypt such as Carrefour, Metro, Ragab Sons, Panda, Oscar, Seoudi, Hyper One & Spinneys.

We also supply many of our products to huge chains of the most luxurious hotels like St. Regis, Four Seasons, JW Marriott, Marriott, Le Meridien, The Ritz Carlton, Westin; in addition to the Duty Free, Egypt airlines & Durfy’s company to whom we’ve been supplying for over 10 years

Last but not least, as we want to make sure that you are always up, and fueled with a good amount of energy on the road, Abu Auf’s special Turkish coffee is served in 55 gas stations and the flavored teas could also be found in 20 stations.

We make sure to meet every customer’s taste, providing a wide variety of products for the indispensable daily F&B consumptions, like coffee, tea, honey...etc. We are the go-to brand for healthy, yet delicious snacking options, providing easy access to healthy food and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Timeline of Abu Auf’s Success Journey


Abu Auf started selling dried fruits & nuts in bulk and wholesale amounts


Abu Auf widened its portfolio, bringing more products and ingredients to the market


Abu Auf opened Logistic Centers in Cairo & Alexandria


Abu Auf introduced premium gourmet dates to the Egyptian Market


The brand was introduced under the name of Abu Auf. Our first signature store was first opened at Merghany


Abu Auf widened their coffee range & introduced a healthy range of different products to the market


Abu Auf launched its website, gaining more recognition worldwide.


Abu Auf Launched its Mobile App, providing easier access to its customers and facilitating the purchasing process.


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